Message from CEO

Today we embark on the 66th year of the inception of Horizon Group and our thoughts flash back to the epoch when our country came into existence. That was the time when trading corporations and business houses were burgeoning thus our founders pooled their resources in reshaping the economy of Pakistan.

As all glory comes from daring to begin therefore, the following years proved to be as a “quantum leap forward” for the Group parallel with the steady growth of the country. Our legacy of 60 years of unrelenting growth is still going on…….since the road of success is always under construction therefore, the underlying principle behind this narrative would not have been possible without the support and assistance of the dynamic team of Horizon Group in the expansion of its business in diversified fields.

With the advent of new millennium I formed a construction company in Pakistan envisioned to build a real estate enterprise that would not only exploit new prospects for those who take on challenges, prove to be distinct yet inspirational for others who make the best choices. Horizon Developers is always in the quest of exploring new corridors of opportunities through its team of professionals to cater the never ending demands of our clients.

Our yearning to excellence is the key to motivation, but it is our commitment and determination to an inexorable pursuit of our goal is the vital energy which enables us to attain that level of success we seek which consequently brings extraordinary rewards for our clients.

As we usher in another momentous year, we welcome forthcoming challenges besides aiming at our core objectives and set prospective targets for the year to come which will in turn revitalize our spirits to a broader range thus, guiding us to the higher altitudes of excellence in quality assurance and customer satisfaction that cling to our brand Horizon Developers.

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